KFC shows us what Santa does once Christmas is over in this funny advert.

In it, we see the festive figure looking into the mirror. He’s probably knackered after another year flying around the world, delivering presents to all. He starts to shave off his iconic straggly white beard. But as he shaves some more, his facial hair makes him look like another person entirely. It’s revealed that Santa and another celeb with a white beard are actually the same person. Santa is actually… Colonel Sanders.

KFC Shows Us What Santa Does After Christmas Is Over In This Funny Ad image of KFC

The Colonel is the famous founder and mascot of KFC. The ad is a cheeky promo from KFC that points out just how similar Santa and the Colonel look. We’ve got to say, there is quite a strong similarity between them. We might’ve guessed that they were related, but we’d have never have guessed that they were the same guy. The fast food chain are known for their funny ads that often split opinion. We’re loving this one though. What did you make of it? Did it make you chuckle? Let us know down in the comments.

Santa & Colonel Sanders|KFC|Ads and Promos

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