KFC released this delightfully dark and alternative animated christmas advert.

In it, we see a woman trying her best to carve a turkey that’s as hard and tough as Vinnie Jones. She uses a knife, a chainsaw and even a pneumatic drill. Nothing even dislodges the tiniest bit of gristle from the huge cooked bird.

KFC Show Us The Hardest Christmas Turkey Ever In This Animated Ad image of KFC

Eventually, she gets so frustrated that she decides to use a stick of dynamite to move things along. It blows the turkey into a million little pieces and destroys most of her house. The ad ends by reminding us that if something does go wrong on christmas day which meant that we couldn’t have our turkey, we can always pick up some of the Colonel’s best fried chicken instead. In all honestly, a mega box christmas dinner would be pretty depressing but in fairness to KFC, they have done a great job of subverting the typical xmas advert tropes with this one. There are no cartoon animals, cute storylines or emotional scenes, just big explosions and awesome animations. Good job KFC.

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