Josh O’Connor and Erin Doherty find out how “royal” they are in this interview with Netflix.

The two star in the hit Netflix series The Crown, which follows the lives of the British Royal Family. Josh plays Prince Charles and Erin plays Princess Anne. In this interview, they’re both asked a series of questions about how they pronounce certain words, what colour clothes they wear and whether they eat shellfish. For 99% of us, those questions would seem pretty weird, but for the Royal Family, there are strict protocols to be followed, which mean that their answers would be very different than our own.

Josh O'Connor From

The two talented actors give their own answers and then are rated on how similar their answers are with the ones that the Royal Family would give. It turns out that, although the two play royalty on screen, they’re not all that royal in real life. In fairness, the Royal Family have to follow extremely strict protocols that would drive most of us crazy. So it’s probably for the best that they’re not too similar to their on-screen characters.

The Crown|Netflix|Broadcast

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