Mexican tequila makers Jose Cuervo host a wild party with some of the most famous figures in world history! It looks like a crazy event, with long-gone celebs returning for a crazy night out!

There are plenty of famous cameos in this ad, ranging from Chuck Berry and Nikola Tesla, to Napoleon and Abe Lincoln! Just about anyone who’s anyone from world history is at this rocking party. It’s hilarious to see all these famous faces busting cool moves on the dance floor. It feels like something out of a Bill and Ted movie!

But who’s hosting this party? Right here, we’ve got the father of art, the father of Rock and Roll, so who better to play host than the father tequila, Jose Cuervo? It’s a cool idea for an ad that brings together some of the coolest people in history. Seeing as pretty much everyone in the ad is six-feet-under in real life, it’s also a very cheap way to feature some of the biggest celebrities ever for a fraction of the cost! Smart thinking guys!

Father of Tequila|Jose Cuervo|Ads and Promos

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