James Blunt made a sequel to the music video for his song You’re Beautiful with this song, Cold. It’s been a full 15 years since his video for You’re Beautiful came out, way back in 2004.

If you don’t remember that video all too well, in it James sat on a cliff edge in the rain, singing into the camera. He takes off his top and empties his pockets as he sings and then, at the end of the video, he jumps into the sea. We’re not exactly sure why he goes for a dip at the end, but the vid was really popular at the time. Even today on YouTube it has over 400 million views.

James Blunt Makes A Sequel To The

So for his new song, James decided to re-visit the old video. In Cold, he comes out of the sea, 15 years after he first jumped into it. When he washes up on the shore, he finds his old shoes, clothes and trinkets and has a walk around. He’s singing another love song. Is it about the same girl in You’re Beautiful? Who knows? Either way it’s a nice video that calls back to an iconic vid from the past.

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