Jack Daniel’s shows us how people are keeping themselves cheery and entertained in this charming advert.

In it, we see people from all around the world communicating through video chats. They play virtual games of chess, perform virtual gigs and host at-home pub quizzes. On top of that, those who’re living with friends or with their partners, have also come up with unique ways to keep themselves busy. Playing on self-made ping pong tables and chatting to neighbours over balconies are two ways people are having some face-to-face fun.

Jack Daniel's Show Us How People Are Staying Entertained Indoors image of Jack Daniels

The ad ends by thanking everyone for making social distancing, well, pretty fun. In a time where we’re limited in what we can do and who we can see, we have to be more creative than ever in deciding how we want to keep ourselves entertained. Although it’s a tough time for all of currently, many people have been super creative and have kept spirits high in clever ways. There have been countless stories of people doing brilliant and hilarious things in order to stop themselves getting a bit stir crazy. Jack Daniel’s shows us how we’ve defeated cabin fever once and for all in this ad.

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