UK broadcaster ITV look back on big moments in TV history in this moving promo. The channel has brought us some of the biggest shows over the years and has covered some of the world’s most important events.


Trevor McDonald made his name on the network, being amongst the first prominent black newsreaders in the UK. Starting out his career in the 1980s, Trevor paved the way for other people of colour to step into the world of journalism in Britain.

ITV Look Back On Big Moments In TV History In New Promo

The ad looks at how television has been a medium to challenge the status quo. Through both informing us of a changing world and reflecting a modern Britain through its programming, ITV have played a big role in creating the modern face of the United Kingdom.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Who is the little girl at 1.06-1.07 on the trevor mcdonald advert, I remember seeing her years ago but I can’t remember her story.

  • Nicole says:

    Hi who’s the little girl at 1.06-1.07 on the advert with trevor Mcdonald on the advert at the top of this page. I remember seeing her on TV years ago but I can’t remember her story. Thanks.

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