The Australian Tourist Board released this super cute video where they chat to Chris “Brogla” Barns, who looks after baby kangaroos at a sanctuary in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Chris takes care of the little guys until they’re ready to be released into the wild. When they’re young, kangaroos are very affectionate creatures and cuddle up to Chris when he’s looking after them. Chris loves the work that he does and enjoys showing visitors around the ranch and telling them about what he does day-to-day.

We’ve gotta say, we’re very very jealous of Chris. His job has to be one of the best in the world. It’s the latest ad from the Aussie tourist board and it looks to showcase the gorgeous scenery and wildlife that’s found across the continent. It’s a smart move, as we reckon that these cute and cuddly kangaroos are sure to entice quite a few tourists into making the long trip to the land “down under”. We really want to go now, just to meet these cute guys in person.

Tourism Board Of Australia|Nothing Like Australia|Documentary

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