VICE News finds out how Instagrammers are killing this precious field of poppies in California, for the sake of a cool picture. The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve is having its first “Superbloom” in 12 years. It’s a truly breathtaking sight and is attracting tourists from around the globe.


Unfortunately for the poppies themselves, it’s become a magnet for Instagram influencers, looking to take the perfect pic. In fact, models, advertising companies and (ironically) Green groups are all coming to this spot. The problem? To get the perfect shot, they often  walk off the main trail, stomping on the fragile poppies in the process.

The park rangers here aren’t happy, and now have to police visitors, making sure they stay on the allotted walkways. But these rangers aren’t real police and don’t have the time or the resources to actually stop people who want to break the rules. The damage is becoming quite severe, meaning Superblooms might become an even rarer sight than they already are. Well, you know the saying: take a picture, it’ll last longer…

Poppies|VICE News|Mini-Doc

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