Vice takes a look inside the oat milk revolution happening in the US and across the globe. As more and more people are ditching cows milk, Swedish brand Oatly take aim at cornering the non-dairy market.


With marketing guru Toni Petersson taking over as CEO a few years ago, the company was completely rebranded and given a “cool” factor. He faced the challenge of taking something that was fairly tasteless and bland and making it a hot commodity. Well, Toni did just that. Following a heavy advertising campaign, oat milk rose up the ranks and has since become a staple of coffee shops and health food stores.

Gif of milk

The impact of Oatly was most clearly seen in the US, where cartons were selling out all over the country. Vice looks at the story of Oatly and work out just how the company went from small fry to big time.


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