Vice Asia meet the truck drivers of India in this interesting documentary. The drivers are known for their glamorous, colourfully decorated trucks but they’re also known for having intense work schedules.

Truck drivers make up a massive portion of India’s economy. India is one of the largest countries in Asia and has the third largest population in the world. The drivers here play a vital role in circulating goods and products from city to city and to remote areas. But with little traffic enforcement and lax labour laws, they’re often driving for 20 days straight, with as little as 2 hours sleep per night.  Worse still, their wage is only 25,000 rupees a month. That’s worth just 275 US dollars.

In this documentary, we hear from the drivers themselves, who tell us about the highs and lows of the profession. Although there are lots of hard elements of the job, lots of the drivers have a lot of pride for what they do. For these drivers, they’ll spend more time in here than anywhere else. By painting their trucks, they’re able to create a sort of home-on-wheels.

Indian Truck Drivers|VICE Asia|Documentary

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