Vice look inside the fast-growing Sumo scene in the US. Once a sport that only Japan excelled at, nowadays Sumo competitions are taking place all over the world. One of the fastest growing markets is in America where even seasoned Japanese Sumos are leaving the Far East to come compete in the states.


There are plenty of US Sumos (although most aren’t quite as big as the ones in Japan). But for a lot of fans in America, they want the real deal. Japanese Sumo “Byamaba” dominates the US scene, after coming over to America 4 years ago. He’s a much-feared opponent and has garnered a loyal fan base since his arrival.

Inside The Fast-Growing Sumo Scene In The US

The doc finds out more about how the US Sumo scene got started and how it’s developed over the years. Also, it takes a look into how Sumos can make some cash on the side. One big source of Byamba’s income is through advertising, appearing in TV commercials. Some are jokey, some are more serious, but either way, Byamba wants to transition into proper acting once he retires from Sumo.


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