Iggy Pop and visual artist Marta Kacprzak team up to bring us this re-version music video for Run Like A Villain. Iggy Pop is re-releasing his famous Zombie Birdhouse LP this year and this video reminds us of just how cool the singer is!

Iggy’s no stranger to cool and interesting music videos. The singer’s natural charisma and commanding stage presence means that he’s prime material for awesome music videos. In this one, Iggy’s wild style is perfectly captured in animation form. The video gives us a whole new look at Iggy’s signature style and takes his cool dance moves to a different level!

Iggy Pop Takes Us On A Wild Ride In New Music Video image of Iggy pop

The video takes us on a wild ride, getting faster and faster as it goes on. It feels like a mix of a live gig, a police chase and a party all at once! Iggy’s famous song Lust For Life was the background music for the fast-paced opening scene of Trainspotting and the video for this track feels even more manic than that! We love this whole concept and the animation team do an incredible job of revitalising an old track.

Iggy Pop|Marta Kacprzak|Animation

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