i-D returns with their 1616 series, where they speak to 16 year olds in big cities around the world. This time round, i-D take us to New York.

Previously, the series spoke to teens in London, but in this video we get a view of what things are like across the pond. We hear about the fashion, culture and style of modern teens. The 16 year olds of today are one of the first “post-internet” generations. In fact, they’re even pretty much post-social media. All the people in this video were born in 2003, just one year before Facebook officially launched in 2004.

i-D show us what it’s like to grow up in a global city like NYC and what it’s like to be a young person there today. The teens in this video tell us about their aspirations and what’s important to them. We also hear about how the world around them influences their fashion and the way they live their lives. We hear from a broad spectrum of different voices in this video, from teens who’re more moderate and laid-back to others that push boundaries and are much more outlandish.


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