Vox tells us how astronauts have left all sorts of rubbish on the moon including human waste AKA pee and poop. But this waste left could shape the future of space travel and even give us an answer as to whether life could exist on other planets.

Human waste is full of living microbes and bacteria. We’ve been to the moon multiple times now and have left a lot of it up there. Inadvertently, we’ve been running an experiment to find out whether life could live on the moon. We’re only talking about microbial life, but life nonetheless! So, the question is, should we go back to collect the waste that we left on the moon? If there is still microbes alive in it, does this mean that life could also flourish on other planets?

Human Waste On The Moon Could Shape The Future Of Space Travel image of the moon

It’s a totally weird idea that is equally fascinating as it is funny. Vox do an amazing job of shining a light on a scientific idea that we’d never have thought about otherwise. What’s even crazier is that scientists reckon that life on Earth came from another planet, carried in on an asteroid. Is it possible that waste on the moon could create life elsewhere or, who knows, maybe life on Earth started from waste too!

The Moon|Vox|Animation

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