Computer brand HP show us all the weird ways that we cover our webcam in this funny ad. Even if you’ve got nothing to hide, most of us choose to cover our webcams when we’re not using them.

Do we really need to? Probably not, most of us live lives that are probably too boring to spy on anyway. But, it’s still fair game to pop something over the camera on your laptop… just in case. We all use all sorts of stuff to cover it up. Old gum, plasters, sticky tape. Pretty much anything that creates a barrier between our faces and the ever present camera.

What if there was an easier way to keep the camera covered, even when we weren’t using it? Rather that putting our gross old gum over the lens, could someone just invent a laptop camera with an off switch? Well, HP tell us in this ad that they have done just that! Their new laptops come with a “kill switch”, which you can click on and off. When it’s set to off, the webcams power is completely disconnected, meaning that there’s no way anyone can spy on you!

Keep It Human|HP|Ads and Promos

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