Lego can be used to create some pretty impressive things, but this has to be a new level of awesome. David Aguilar was born without a right arm, but he thought of a unique way of making things easier for himself.

An avid Lego builder, David decided to make a prosthetic arm out of Lego. It could hold his weight and fitted perfectly on his arm. But he didn’t stop there. He also built various other arms with some even having the ability to grasp objects. On top of all that, they look really cool as well.

How This Young Man Built A Prosthetic Arm Out Of Lego image of Lego

The video is the latest film in Lego’s “Rebuild The World” ad campaign. In  the campaign, the toy company have been shining a light on brilliant stories of what people have done with Lego. The company produce a unique product that relies on the amazing imagination of every day people to take it and turn it into something truly special. David’s innovation and genius proves that the limits on what can be done with a few simple bricks are endless.

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