Vox tell us how a series of photos ended child labour in the US in this incredible documentary. In it, we learn how the efforts of one photographer changed the lives of millions of children.

In the year 1900, nearly 2 million children were in work, often in dangerous cotton mills or in mines. The work was treacherous and put the child’s lives at risk. After seeing these awful working conditions, photographer Lewis Wickes Hine decided to take photos of the children. He circulated the photos around newspapers across America. As word spread, people began to wake up to the reality of child labour in the US.

How These Photos Ended Child Labour image of child labour

Many Americans didn’t realise the scale of the problem of child labour at the time. They also didn’t realise just how bad the the working conditions were and how the children were being forced to work unfair hours. Worse still, the children were often totally unprotected when it came to payment rights and safety. Thanks to these photos, the public mood shifted and people started to push the government to end child labour for good.


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