Movies Insider look at how Taron Egerton became Elton John for the biopic Rocketman. But just how did he managed to perfectly replicate one of the world’s most iconic performers?

In this video, we hear from Micheal L. Roberts, a vocal coach who helped Taron get ready for the role. We learn about how he channelled Taron’s singing ability and used the actor’s skills to create a unique performance. What’s even more incredible is that Taron had no prior experience of playing the piano and learned to master Elton’s playing style in just a matter of months!

How Taron Egerton Became Elton John For

We learn about all the hours of hard work the actor put in to get his version of Elton just right. The vocal coach says that in a rehearsal for the shooting of a scene where Taron portrays Elton performing Crocodile Rock, he almost forgot for a second that he was watching an actor and not the real Elton himself! How impressive is that? It’s amazing to see all of the hard work that went into prepping for the role and the brilliant end result of a breathtaking movie masterpiece.

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