New Zealand film director Taika Waititi tells Variety how he convinced Hollywood to make his comedy film about Hitler, Jojo Rabbit.

The director raised eyebrows when he released the trailer for Jojo Rabbit recently. The film is set in World War 2 and follows the story of a young Nazi who’s picked on by his friends. To make him feel better, he comes up with an imaginary friend to keep him company. The only thing is though, that imaginary friend just so happens to be Adolf Hitler, portrayed by Taika himself.

How Taika Waititi Convinced Hollywood To Make A Comedy About Hitler image of Taika Waititi

Yep, we told you it is an interesting movie to say the least. In this interview, we learn about how Taika convinced Hollywood to make the film and tells us a bit about why he chose to make it in the first place. He points out that the film makes fun of Hitler and the Nazi’s ideology. Also, seeing the Second World War through the eyes of a child highlights the stupidity of the idea of war as well. It’s an interesting interview that shows us why Taika was keen to make the movie in the first place and why he thinks it’s important to talk about the darker elements of human history.

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