The Guardian looks into how smoking companies are making record profits, despite the fact that smoking rates have plummeted in the UK.

In the last 20 years, the number of people who smoke in Britain has gone way down. This isn’t good news for smoking companies. When you also throw in the haunting statistic that 2/3 of smoking brand’s customers will die of smoking related diseases (shrinking their profits) it would be fair to assume that Marlboro, Lucky Strike and Camel should all be pretty hard-up for cash, right?

How Smoking Brands Are Making More Than Ever, Even Though We're Quitting image of The Guardian

Wrong. As recently as 2015, the main 6 tobacco companies recorded bigger profits than McDonald’s, Disney, Starbucks, Google FedEx and Coca-Cola combined. In this doc, The Guardian show us how sneaky price shifting, paid Instagram influencers and misleading and targeting poorer countries’ governments has helped these companies to make record profits. It’s an eye-opening doc that takes us inside one of the deadliest and darkest industries in the world. It reveals the shady practices that that Big Tobacco use to trick people in buying something that will kill them.

Smoking|The Guardian|Documentary

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