“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” That’s a famous quote from legendary painter Pablo Picasso. But what about directors? In this short video essay from Insider, we find out how some of Quentin Tarantino’s best ideas weren’t actually his at all.

We learn how Tarantino uses lines, shots and even whole plot lines that are actually from other films. One of the most famous examples of this is Reservoir Dogs. Considered to be one of his finest works, the plot of that film was almost identical to a Hong Kong crime thriller that came out a few years earlier. Kill Bill borrows heavily from the films of Bruce Lee and old Kung Fu movies. Jackie Brown remixes the title (and the plot) of the 70s classic Foxy Brown.

How Quentin Tarantino

So how has one of the most famous movie directors hidden the fact that he’s ripped off famous movies from history? Well… he hasn’t. He tells us in the start of the opening credits of each of his films which directors inspired him. This video essay looks at Tarantino’s unique approach to film making. It tells us that, instead of creating something totally original, he takes all the best elements of his favourite movies and puts them all together, making something entirely new in the process.

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