The Verge explain how podcasts became so popular in this fascinating video. So, what’s caused this audio revolution to happen?

Over the past few years, podcasting has exploded. Most people didn’t even know what the term “podcast” meant at the start of the decade. But now, almost everyone is listening to their favourite hosts on their morning commute, in the gym or when they’re chilling out at home. But in an age where other audio media like radio is dying out, how are podcasts thriving? What is it about them that makes them so popular?

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The Verge tell us how a number of factors have contributed to the podcasting revolution. Interestingly, the podcast takeover was mostly organic, rather than some planned movement by a huge company. When services like Spotify made it easier and simple to listen to and download podcasts, the format saw a huge boost in listeners. After advertisers got involved, they started making it easier than ever to make some money by doing a podcast. The cost of making one is really low as well, which makes it really appealing to start one. All of these factors led to the modern podcasting industry that we see today.

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