Quartz look at how “live like a local” tourism is killing Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon. Since the age of social media and blogging, the idea of tourism has changed massively.

In the past, people often went on package holidays to sunny beaches. You went to the tourist hotspots and wouldn’t really see the “real” sides of a city. But now, people are wanting to live like a local, they want to explore local restaurants, stay in local Air BnBs and visit local bars. But the problem is, so many people are “living local”, that the actual locals are being turfed out.


In this documentary, we see the effect that the tourism boom is having on places like Lisbon. In the age of social media and blogging, small restaurants can become internationally known overnight, with masses of tourists flocking in. The smaller and more niche the place, the better. As a result, rents are soaring and city centres are being swamped. For places like Lisbon, they’re struggling to keep their identity and culture, as the city caters more to the tourists that want to live like locals, rather than the locals themselves.


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