Red Bull Music take a look into the history of Japanese audio tech and find out how it changed music forever.

Japan lead the way in creating music tech that reflected the desires of DJs and artists. Whilst other countries were looking at these products from a technical standpoint, Japanese companies were looking at it from the perspective of the artist, the creators and the consumers. They developed tech that would truly enhance the amazing music that was coming out at the time. Their turntables became an instrument and their Walkman’s were more than just tape players, they started a musical revolution.

How Japan's Audio Tech Changed Music Forever gif of music

The technics turntables ushered in a new wave of DJs who pushed the envelope on what was possible in music. These new turntables made scratching, mixing and sampling easier than ever, giving DJs a whole new way to approach their sound. In this doc, we meet some of the pioneers behind the tech as well as the people who used it the most. It’s amazing to learn how a few pieces of technology shaped the culture of a generation and changed music forever.

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