Bee populations around the world are dropping and no one knows why. It’s a serious issue, as bees play a vital role in our planet’s ecosystem.

Google shows us in this video how they are coming up with new ideas that could solve the bee population crisis. They’ve been using sensors to track bee hives and work out which ones are seeing drop offs in numbers. Then, by using AI and machine learning to analyse all of the different factors, they can theorise what might be causing bees to die in the wild.

How Google Is Using Machine Learning To Save Bees image of Google

Although they haven’t come up the the exact reason yet, it’s an exciting development in the search for the answer. By getting machines and AI to look at why the numbers are going down, we can open ourselves up to a whole new stream of thinking. There might be something that we’re missing that we never realised before. The beauty of machine learning is that computers can take all of the excellent research done by humans and take it to a new level.


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