Google released this short film as part of their Grow With Google series. In this film, we get a look into Bridestowe Lavender Farm, who came back from the brink to become a viral tourism destination.

The lavender farm had the misfortune of not only being in a remote area, but also being in a remote part of the world. The farm sits in the middle of the island of Tasmania, which is off the south coast of Australia. The island itself isn’t really known for attracting tourists and when Bridestowe farm was hit with declining sales, it looked like it might be going under after decades of business.

How A Lonely Lavender Field In Tasmania Became A Tourism Hub image of farm

But, after advertising their farm as a potential tourist spot online, they started to get more and more people travelling to come and see their beautiful farm. Soon enough, it became a super popular tourist spot and the farm was able to get back on its feet and remain open. It’s really interesting to see how the farm managed to reinvent itself and how it was able to open itself up to the world using the internet.

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