Hot Wheels spent some time with the talented youngster Antonio Marotta at their BMX training camp.

The brand is mostly known for their miniature racing cars, but they’re getting involved with bigger forms of transport as well. They set up Camp Woodward where youngsters can hone their skills and learn new abilities. After impressing at one of Hot Wheel’s BMX tournaments, Antonio was invited to spend some time here and take his talents to the next level.

He’s taught by the best and pratices in their bespoke training arena. He’s really hyped to be here, as he has access to all sorts of different ramps. He impresses the instructor with his tricks and the teacher shows him how to pull off even bigger jumps and flicks. He also tries his hand at a few other sports too, like water skiing and go karting. Watch out guys, he’s a triple threat. It’s a great short doc from Hot Wheels that shows us some of the exciting youngsters that are around in the world of BMX. Keep an eye on Antonio, we can tell he’s destined for big things. Watch this space.

Hot Wheels|Antonio Marotta|Sports

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