Dating app Hinges tell you that they want you to delete their app in this funny new ad. We all get these apps to find love, but what happens to the app when we finally find it?

In the smartphone era various different dating apps have popped up, with Hinge being one of the biggest rivals to Tinder’s dominance of the dating app market. Most companies don’t want users to ditch their apps, but in this ad, Hinge tells you that they do want you to delete their app. Their rationale is that they want to help people to find love. Once you’re in love, you won’t need to use the app anymore, so you can delete it. Hinge has fulfilled its role as virtual cupid and won’t need to grace the screen of your smartphone ever again.

Hinge Tell You To Delete Their App In Clever New Ad image of hinge

In this commercial, we see the Hinge app come to life and hang around couples. As the couples fall more in love, the poor app realises his days are numbered. He’s killed off various times, with each death being even more ridiculous than the last. We’re sorry little guy, you were doomed from the start.

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