Aussie Underwear brand Bonds warns us against the problem of “Glo-Ball Warming”. The planet is getting hotter, but something else is as well…

The cheeky ad tells that as the world is getting warmer, men’s nether-regions are getting toastier too. It’s becoming a global crisis and men are being offered no protection to keep their bits safe and sound. But then, in steps Bonds to save the day. They show us their new X-Temp pants, that promise to protect men’s privates from the warm weather. By using new tech, the pants keep your downstairs area nice and cool throughout the day. Now, you can sunbathe in safety, knowing that Bonds are looking out for your little fellows.

Hilarious Commercial Warns Us About

It’s a funny commercial that really has us laughing. Bonds have picked the perfect time to release the ad as well, as temperatures across the globe have skyrocketed this summer, with heat records being broken around the world. There is some science to this ad too, as getting too much heat down there can actually cause problems with fertility in later life.

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