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HBO released this interesting animated trailer for season 3 of their hit show Westworld.

The gripping series takes place in a dystopian version of Earth, where advanced robotic androids have been created by humans. They start to gain sentiency and eventually cause chaos on our planet. This promo is inspired by real world events that link the dangerous world that we’re living in today to the scary fictional future that the show presents.

It starts by mentioning actual world events, like the violent protests in Hong Kong and the impeachment of Donald Trump. As the promo continues, it takes us into the future and predicts seriously dark events, such as the assassination of the U.S president, a second Russian Civil War and ecological collapse in various countries around the planet. It’s a chilling advert that feels all too close to home for our liking. It’s incredibly simplistic but wickedly effective. It tells us a lot whilst also keeping its cards very close to its chest. This is definitely and trailer done right.


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