Guinness released this short film called Liberty Fields, which follows the inspiring story of one of the first female rugby teams to be established in Japan.

The team was set up in 1989 by a few enthusiastic rugby fans who wanted somewhere to play. At the time, Japan was still fairly patriarchal and women were expected to spend a lot of time helping out at home. On top of that, the rough and tumble sport of rugby was viewed as a vulgar pastime for women by Japanese men. Despite this, the team became very popular and the players from it represented Japan at the Rugby World Cup in 1991.

Guinness Meet The Pioneers Of Japanese Female Rugby image of guinness

The team got a sharp shock when they got there though, as they realised that they were quite far behind other countries when it came to skill and ability. However, they were inspired by the other teams to try harder and establish Japan as a serious contender on the rugby world stage. Since the country first entered international competitions, it has been able to cement its position as one of the biggest teams in Asia. This video is an amazing short film from Guinness that reminds us what we can achieve when we’re determined and passionate enough.

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