Greenpeace goes to the Welsh village of Fairbourne which could be completely destroyed by climate change.

Flooding in this area has become a much bigger issue in recent years. When most people here bought their properties, high tides were hardly a problem. But in a relatively short amount of time, the entire village has been put at risk. Recently, all of the villagers were told that the area was going to be decommissioned and people would be moved out, as there was little that could be done to prevent frequent, devastating floods.

Greenpeace Visits The Welsh Village That Could Be Lost To Climate Change image of Greenpeace

The nearby village of Borth is also having similar problems. It’s been hit with huge storms recently and some houses have had to accept that they will face annual floods. The UK-wide floods in recent years have been heavily linked to climate change. Greenpeace warns that if we don’t do more to curb carbon emissions, more villages like these ones could be wiped off the map. It’s a dire warning and a chilling reminder of the serious effects that rising temperatures are having on communities across the globe.

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