Great Big Story meets the people who created “Simlish” the made up language spoken by the characters in The Sims video game.

Anyone who’s played the game before will recognise the gobbledegook language, even if they have no idea what it actually means. The creators realised whilst developing the game that players would likely hear the same old phrases over and over again and would quickly get sick of them. At first, they decided to actually create a complicated and fully fledged language. But they realised that people would get just as sick of hearing the same gibberish phrases over and over, even if they couldn’t understand them.

Great Big Story Meets The People Who Created The Language From

So the team decided to let the voice actors for the characters go wild and improvise whatever they liked. A few key phrases have since become certified “Simlish” but the secret to creating a totally fake language that sounds real is to base it in improvisation and in-the-moment utterances. It’s a really interesting insight into how video games overcome problems like these and actually hearing Simlish spoken in real life is super interesting as well.

Great Big Story|The Sims|Documentary

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