British GQ chats to late night host James Corden in this interesting interview. They ask him about his views on politics, US life and fame.

Most British people got to know Corden on screen as his character Smithy in the wildly popular Gavin & Stacey TV show. Many were surprised to see him become so successful across the pond, as Gavin & Stacey had almost no overseas fans. Guess they had a hard time with those Welsh accents. But James’ career has gone from strength to strength as he’s established himself as a household name in America.

GQ Chats To James Corden About Fame, Politics And Life In The US image of James Corden

In this interview, GQ get James’ take on the recent appointment of Boris Johnson as prime minister. It looks like James isn’t all that keen on the bombastic premier, but he doesn’t go into too much depth about it. It’s an interesting video that puts James back in front of a British audience, just for a few minutes. He’s been living the LA lifestyle since first going out there, with some even claiming that he’s toned down his Essex accent and donned a semi-American twang. But he’s still as charming as ever in this interview. We reckon he’s a bit more “Smithy-like” in this chat anyway.

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