Heist Films meets up with Lignum Surfboards in this beautifully-shot short documentary.

In the doc, we get to meet the owners of the small surfboard making company. We learn how they built their business from the ground up, starting out with a simple love for surfing. We hear the story of how a few friends came together to follow their dream and start their own surfboard making company. Their company specialises in wooden surfboards, which is a bit of a break from the norm. Most boards nowadays are made out of plastic, but some argue that wooden boards are much better.

Gorgeous Doc Tells Us The Story Of The Surfboard Company Lignum image of Lignum

But making wooden boards can take much more time and often have to be hand carved. Just the smallest mistake can ruin a board and make it unfit for use. For the guys at Lignum, they love the challenge and put their heart and soul into each and every board that they make. In this doc, we’re taken into the production process. We find out that you don’t just need a good mind to make a wooden surfboard, you need a good heart too.

Lignum|Heist Films|Documentary

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