Google explains how their tech is helping to solve the opioid crisis in this incredible animation.

America is currently in a medical crisis where the overprescription of opioids is causing big problems. Opioids are used in medicines like codeine and morphine and can be extremely addictive. Although they are useful, an over-reliance on them has led to a situation where swathes of the US population are dangerously addicted to these powerful medicines.

In this animation, we learn how scientists are using Google Cloud’s data analytics and machine learning to find new medicines that have less risky side effects. The animation brings to life complicated concepts and shows us how computer techniques and programs can make real tangible changes to everyday aspects of our lives. The animation brilliantly demonstrates how sometimes computer systems can create and see patterns that humans can’t, leading to massive scientific breakthroughs. Although the concepts discussed in the video are quite complicated it explains it in a way that most people can understand. It’s a great video that gets us excited to see what the future might hold.

Google|Google Cloud|2D Animation

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