Vans joins Benny Urban as he travels to Hokkaido, Japan for some street snowboarding.

In a lot of ways, snowboarding and skateboarding are very similar. They both incorporate tricks and jumps. They both use a flat board. The words even sound pretty similar. But the one major difference between the two is that skateboarding happens on the streets and snowboarding happens on the slopes. Right?


Wrong. If you’re brave enough, the street is there to be explored by snowboarders as well. In this cool video, we see Benny grind, jump and flip his way around some Japanese streets. Some of the tricks he pulls off are truly breathtaking. Although the soft snow around him makes any wipeouts a little less painful, the added danger of slipping on a patch of ice means that you’ve got to be a tough cookie to attempt the stunts that we see in this vid. What did you think of the video? Could you pull off any of these stunts? Let us know down in the comments.

Vans|Benny Urban|Sports

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