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Struggling to think of a Halloween costume? Why not look back through time at the costumes of yesteryear? Glamour look through the history of Halloween outfits in this interesting video.

Starting way back in the 1910s, the first costumes were pretty basic. Freaky looking homemade masks were what people would normally go for back then. Fast forward to the 1920s and people started wearing witch hats and spooky clothing. The next decade brought the first fully-fledged costumes, as fancy dress companies starting popping up. One of the most popular ones to wear in the 30s was a Minnie Mouse outfit that wouldn’t look out of place at Disneyland.

Glamour Looks At 100 Years Of Halloween Costumes image of 100 years of halloween costumes

In the next couple of decades, people started looking to celebs for ideas. Dressing up as your fave TV character became a popular choice for many. In the coming decades, we’d see cat costumes, Wonder Woman, pop culture icons and more. Nowadays, superheroes and movie villains have seen a big resurgence, with characters like The Joker and Harley Quinn being amongst the most popular. It’s really interesting how the costumes are influenced by the fashion and tastemakers of each era.

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