In cities all over the world, a new phenomenon has come along. Scooters have popped up everywhere on our pavements and roads. In light of this 2 wheel revolution, Adult Swim decided to make this funny animated short about people who ride scooters.

In it, we see one man looking towards a group of people scooting down the road. He’s not all that impressed and thinks that they look pretty stupid. But, even though he’s not keen on joining in, he changes his mind and hops on one. It’s not clear if he’s scooting away to a city where there aren’t any scooters, or whether he’s fully embraced the modern scooter-led lifestyle.

Funny Animation Makes Fun Of People Who Ride Scooters image of scooters

The scooter has become the calling card of trendy millennials who want a quick and easy way to get around town. For some people, they’re a safer alternative to cycling, but to others, they’re a bit of a nuisance and just look a bit goofy. It’s not all that clear which side of the argument this short animation supports, but it’s a funny watch nonetheless.

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