The Danish Cancer Society tells us to avoid getting sunburnt this summer in this funny and inventive ad.

The ad is aimed at making sure that Danish children avoid getting burnt in the sun when they go on holiday. The people of the small Scandinavian state have a reputation for turning red very quickly when the sun’s out. So much so that 4 out of every 10 Danish children will get sunburnt on holiday. In fact, a Danish child can get more UV exposure in one week abroad than they get in a whole year back in Denmark.

Funny Ad Reminds Us To Avoid Getting Sunburnt This Summer image of sunburnt

In this funny ad, we see a Spanish boy making an imploring speech to any potential Danish holidaymakers. He uses a real-life example of a funnily named boy, called Viggo Mortensen. (Any Lord Of The Rings might find the young boys name quite familiar!). Viggo is burnt to a crisp, looking like a tiny, human-like lobster. Viggo is made an example of, so you can avoid the same fate. The ad does a great job of making a serious point in a really funny way! Don’t forget your sunscreen guys, or you’ll end up like little Viggo!

#HelpADane|The Danish Cancer Society|Charities And Causes

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