Brazilian football legend Kaka made a surprise appearance at a 7-a-side football match in Hackney, East London with Sky Sports.

When we’re playing a game of footy with our mates, we always like to act like we could take on the pros if we wanted to. But what happens when one actually turns up to your match? Kaka shocked this team when he arrived at their game in this vid. The pro retired a few years ago and was regarded as one of the best midfielders of his era. Even though he’s been out of the game for a bit, he’s still just as skilled as ever.

Football Legend Kaka Plays 7-A-Side In East London With Sky Sports image of Kaka

The opposing team don’t go easy on him though, with one of them even managing to nutmeg the Ballon d’Or winner. The guys here are so chuffed to play with Kaka and are all totally starstruck. It’s a great vid from Sky Sports and shows us how much it means to football fans when they meet their heroes in real life. Did you enjoy the vid? Let us know down in the comments.

Kaka|Sky Sports|Sports

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