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Dr Dolittle – Animal Auditions

Star Wars Short Film Shows Stormtroopers At Their Scariest image of Stormtroopers

Star Wars – Stormtrooper War

The Irishman – De-Ageing CGI

Tom Hanks Reads #NiceTweets With Twitter image of Nice Tweets

Tom Hanks – #NiceTweets

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Top Gun: Maverick – G Force Training

This featurette for Top Gun: Maverick shows the gruelling G-Force training that the actors in the new movie went through.

Tom Cruise has a reputation for taking his films very seriously. Rather than use a stunt double, Tom will often put himself in danger to get a brilliant shot. When he got invovled in the filming of the new Top Gun movie, things were no different. Tom requested that all of the shots of him flying in the planes would actually be real. Although he wasn’t flying the plane himself, he’s still be subjected to massive levels of G-Force.

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