National Geographic travel to Nigeria to meet the people who are helping to save the world’s most trafficked mammal, the pangolin.

The creature is hunted in the country and is heavily trafficked, often to Asia. Its scales are used in remedies for all sorts of different ailments. From cancer to infertility, in some parts of the world, pangolin scales are seen as a cure for everything, despite zero scientific evidence that the scales help to cure any disease or illness. As Nigeria is a coastal country, it makes it an ideal place to ship out pangolin scales worldwide. Port officials often turn a blind eye as well, with bribes frequently changing hands.

But the hunting of pangolins has driven down their numbers in the wild massively. With almost no conservation infrastructure, it’s left to volunteers to look after wild animals in Nigeria. We meet some of those volunteers, who take it upon themselves to save the super-cute pangolins. It’s a touching documentary that shows the amazing power of human kindness.

Pangolins|National Geographic|Documentary

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