Legendary guitar makers Fender take us on an epic quest in this animated advert. In it, we see a rock superhero trying to get his hands on different guitar pedals.

In a sort of Zelda-esque style, our hero has to battle different enemies to attain each pedal. We see him come up against a giant snake, massive man-eating spiders and even a huge warthog! He beats these mythical creatures with ease though, taking each one of them out to attain the all-important guitar pedals. It looks like there’s no stopping our hero, but will he able to get all of the pedals? What’s his next challenge?

Fender Take Us On An Epic Fantasy Adventure! image of guitar

When he’s defeated all of his enemies, he ascends to a heaven-like place in the clouds, where an all-seeing eye gives him the final pedal. Now he’s got all he needs to create some awesome guitar riffs, our hero starts rocking out! You get the feeling that the whole universe can hear him as he blasts his music across the land! It’s an epic ad that is fitting for one of the coolest guitar brands out there. Rock on!

Fender|Gunner|2D Animation

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