Fender take us on a trip back through time, to the 50s, 60s and 70s in this awesome ad!

They’re launching their Vintera Series, which are a set of iconic guitars that are from a specific era in rock and roll history. You can pick up a classic 50s Stratocaster for some old-school Rock N’ Roll. You can nab a cool 1960s Jazzmaster, if you want to play some psychedelic rhythms. Or rock out to some Punk with the Telecaster Deluxe! You can practically travel to any era by picking up one of these awesome instruments.

The ad features some really talented musicians, who each have a love for each of the eras. Listening to them is like taking a trip back in time! They all are masters of each eras sound, but all of them also gives it a modern twist with their playing style. It’s a brilliant ad that shows cases some seriously skilful artists and reminds us of the awesome music to come out of each decade. Even if you can’t play guitar for toffee, you’ll still love rocking out to this cool ad!

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