FACT tells us how tech is influencing Electronic music and club culture in this interesting documentary.

In it, we hear from a range of music pioneers who are creating new instruments and new sounds through innovative inventions and technology. Some of them are utilising oscillation machines, real life sounds patched into digital software and others are pushing the boundaries of what an instrument is and what music is.

In this doc, we also hear from promoters who are creating new club nights that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Instead of focusing on drinking and partying, these nights out offer a place to enjoy boundary pushing music and focus on the sounds and aesthetics of club culture. In the past, inventions like the 808 drum machine, the tape deck and multi track recorders completly revolutionised the worldwide music scene. Are we due for another seismic shift in sound once again? Will the 2020s bring us new music that we can’t even image at the moment? Only time will tell.

FACT Magazine|Sonic Futures|Documentary

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