Facebook celebrate dads in this cute promo ahead of Father’s Day. In it, we see two dads getting ready to take their daughters to a baseball game.


The dads both support different baseball teams, with one supporting the New York Mets and and the other the New York Yankees. Both teams are pretty fierce rivals, but these two dads just want their kids to have a nice day out, despite the animosity between the two sides. It’s really cute to see each dad having having a really nice day out with their daughters.

Facebook Celebrate Dads In This Cute Promo gif of dad

The ad ends with the Mets-supporting dad posting a photo to a Facebook group, “Dads with Daughters”, telling the group that he’s taken his daughter to her first baseball game. The Yankee-supporting dad leaves a comment, cheekily saying that he’s welcome in the group, even if he is a Mets fan! The ad’s message is that people might disagree on who’s the best sports team, but they can bond over bigger and more important connections.

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