WIRED chat to Joe Navarro, an ex-FBI agent who tells us how to read body language and how to tell when someone is lying.


In the movies, tough negotiation scenes with the police or secret services are always really compelling. Looking for the tiniest hint that someone is lying or hiding something is always played up in Hollywood films. A bead of sweat, a nervous look or shifting hands are telltale signs that someone is telling porkies! But how do real FBI agents work out if someone is lying or telling the truth?

Ex-FBI Agent Tells Us How To Read Body Language gif of people

In this interview, Joe walks us through all the ways that he guesses whether someone is hiding something or not. Often, the obvious signs we think indicate that someone is lying are false flags and are actually pretty easy to cover up. Joe walks us through the super-subtle giveaways that give people away. It’s fascinating to see all the little things that we do without thinking about it that reveal a lot about who we are.


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