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EuroMillions and FDJ, the French national lottery, made this ad where a group of friends discuss what they would do if they won the jackpot of 130 million Euros.

It’s a conversation we’ve all had before. This close knit group all have different ideas on what they would spend the money on. Some of their answers are quite altruistic, as they suggest that they would plants hundreds of trees or give large sums to charity. Some of them have more lofty ambitions, like travelling into space. One guy has a pretty simple aim, he would just fix his broken dishwasher.

EuroMillions: What If You Won? image of EuroMillions

The group gets more and more excited as they chat about all the dreams they would fulfil if they actually won. But one friend has stayed quiet the whole time. When he’s asked what he would do, he says he would share it all with his friends. They all roll their eyes, doubtful that he would actually be so generous. To prove them wrong, he pulls out the winning ticket from his pocket and repeats that he would share it all with them. The group erupts in happiness as they all realise that they’ve just become multi-millionaires.

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